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Manufactured by Hyosung POK Div.

POKETONE™ Polyketone grade M330F

POKETONE™ Polyketone grade M330F

Poketone is a type synthetic polymer characterized by alternating sequences of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and olefins, such as ethylene or propylene in it's backbone. Its Green Certified by sequestering carbon monoxide.

The unique combination gives it excellent mechanical proprieties and chemical resistance. Polyketone is known for it's good toughness, impact resistance, high barrier, high heat distortion and excellent resistance to fuels and solvents making it useful in various applications including Automotive parts, gas pipes, barrier structures, and advanced engineering components. High purity and global safety certifications results in sales in medical, pharma and cosmetics. 

High flow injection molding grade with good processability, good impact resistance, high resiliency and good creep performance.