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DURACON® POM M90-44 CF2001 (Natural)

DURACON® POM M90-44 CF2001 (Natural)

DURACON® POM is a crystalline thermoplastic otherwise called an 'acetal copolymer.' The primary raw material is a trimer of formaldehyde known as trioxane.

The thermoplastic adopts a copolymer structure in which polyoxymethylene (-C-O) and carbon-carbon (-C-C- bond) comonomer groups are incorporated into its main chain. As a result of this, when compared with acetal homopolymer, it is said that the copolymer has superior stability both chemically and thermally speaking. 

Acetal polymer is the most well-balanced resin in terms of mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties, and further its superior moldability allows it to be widely employed in various industrial fields as one of the most popular engineering plastics. 


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